Sign Up

The sign up sheet will be online here on site one month before the contest.

Next contest on the Danish Surf League 2019  is the DARKBLUE OPEN, happening on the 30-31 of March. Back up 6-7 of April. Location- Thy.

Sign up for the DARKBLUE OPEN here:–iLXB1vnFdCDF-Zdob86agyhkdlvArYnjQ/edit?fbclid=IwAR0JjxiBP4YwMAErRuEbWsHXmsQrCaNiRl6cpu3d_cBWPtBFCj5a8UJze2A#gid=0

Please read all the info in the Sign Up sheet 😉  and for more info, go to the menu ‘Danish Surf League’ here on the website.

Note! Membership of ‘Dansk Surf Klub’ is not required to enter the contest.