Well, it might not be a classic just yet!, but we believe that the Cold Hawaii Boardshop Classic, has all the ingredients to become a classic surf competition.

The Cold Hawaii Boardshop is a household name in Danish Surfing, providing customers and teamriders with world leading surfboards and surf accessories, not to forget their own board brand, Columbus Surfboards. The boards seems to fly out of the shops in huge numbers, all in credit to the buyers, since they are leaving the shop with top quality boards, and a second to non counseling, on the board that they have chosen. With success comes demand, and just recently, a second Cold Hawaii Board Shop opened it’s doors in Vorupør,

The Danish Surf League is happy to have the Cold Hawaii Board Shop as a presenter and partner on the 2 stop, which together makes a strong and experienced team on all levels.

On contest day, Cold Hawaii Boardshop will be present on the beach with Columbus demo boards, for everyone to try. Also hosting the price ceremony and a cosy evening gathering, together with (at) The Garden Café in Klitmøller, where cool drinks, music and off course the Price Ceremony will be on display.

Last chance to Sign Up and become part of “Classic history in the making”, is Sunday the 13th of May, so don’t hesitate to long to put your name on the list 😉  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-dmZQATBZjX-pl8eEZh-S-xUag4feOyIFcqcNJOJvg4/edit?pli=1#gid=0

More info follows as we get closer to contest day.


Cold Hawaii Boardshop, The Garden Café Klitmøller, the Danish Surf League Crew.