Official Report from ‘The Cold Hawaii Board Shop Classic’, the second stop on the 2018 Danish surf League.

With a small but high period swell from north west, and low winds,  the forecast looked promising for the Cold Hawaii Boardshop Classic, which was set to run from the 20-21 of May, so the contest was called on.Saturday morning, 32 competitors signed up for competition in front of the Cold Hawaii Board Shop in Klitmøller. The waves had not yet arrived, but according to the forecast, there was a chance that the waves could arrive during the day, so the contest was put on hold.  At the end of the day, the conditions had not yet given any oppertunity good enough to start the contest, and the next call was set at sunday morning, 07.00 o’clock.

As predicted,  (“with a small degree of nervous antisipation”), it was a welcoming site that met us, when we walked over the dunes at the spot Bunkers-Klitmøller, early sunday morning. The wind was down, the sun was out, and headhigh A frame waves, peeled around the reef at Bunkers. It was contest time!

At 8.30, the first heat of the Longboard catgory hit the water, and for the next 11 hours, it was non stop competition. The surf conditions stayed epic and consistent throughout the whole day, only changing  a bit, as the tide shifted. The temperature on land was like a hot summer day in July, which made the vibe on the beach extra special, and the crowd was probably the bigges seen at a danish surf contest to date. Some of the surfers mentioned, that it felt like beeing in southern California.

The spectators witnessed some high performance surfing go down at Bunkers on this sunny sunday. In the Open and Women categories, the conditions and time on hand,  made it possible to run 2 man heats from the quarter finals and in to the finals, insted of the usual 4 man heats. This was wery welcomed by the surfers, who normaly don’t get to surf this format.

At 19.30,  All 4 categories, Longboard, Junior, women and Open was completed, and at 20.00, the Winners were crowned at the prize ceremony on the beach, and  an all time ‘Classic’ event had come to an end.

Danish Surf League want’s to give a huge ‘thank you’ to Cold Hawaii Boardshop for co. hosting and sponsoring this event, and also a huge ‘thank you’ to  LaPoint Surfcamps, Surfears, The Garden Cafe Klitmøller and Spar Klitmøller.

Next and 3 stop on the Danish Surf League is the 25-26 of August. Back up 1-2 of Sept. Location- hy. We hope to see you there.

Cheers, the Danish Surf League/Dansk Surf Klub.

Congratulation to all the winners:

1: Vahine Itchner
2: Anne-Sofie Borregard
3: Miranda Ocklid
3: Paula Ahlers

1: Mor Meluka
2: Esben Raffray
3: Oliver Hartkopp
3: Vincent Scholz

1: Marius Aagesen
2: Jonte Burmeister
3: John Feldmann
4: Pelle Burmeister

1: Sebastian Olander
2: Mikkel Abildgaard Jensen
3: Benni Kohl
4: Jonas Johansen