STOP NR.3 – The Danish Surf league 2018, Presented by VØ Surf Shop and Surfhostel

Sign Up for stop number 3 on the Danish Surf League is now open.Sign up here: https: //

A month from now, on the 25-26 of August, the third stop on the Danish Surf League is set to run. This time, we team up with VØ Surfshop and Surf Hostel. VØ Surfshop was the first surfshop located in Vorupør, and since the doors opened back in 2011, the shop and the crew behind it, has been one of the biggest contributors to the Danish Surfscene. They have their own surfboard brand, they run a Surfhostel (, and every summer they host a Surf festival.

Klitmøller might be the surf capital of the west coast, but Vorupør is catching up fast. The VØ Surfshop picked that up a long time ago, and has been on the forefront of this development since day one, with a cool and unike surf vibe, that spreads far and wide.

The Danish Surf League is wery happy to have the VØ Surfshop on board for the third stop, and together we will do our best to make the 25-26 of August a weekend to remember. (Back up, the 1-2 of September)

We hope you are having a blast of a summer, catching a lot of sun and waves.. and we look forward to see you at the end of August.

Cheers, the Danish Surf League crew and the VØ Surfshop Crew.