Report and results from the Xcel Pro – The fourth and final competition of The Danish Surf League 2018

On Saturday the 13th of October, it was time for the last event, and the forecast looked rock solid.

31 competitors stood ready for sign up in the dark at 7.00 in the morning, in “down town” Agger. Sametime the judges were out scouting the southern coastline of Thy, to find the best spot for the day.  Just a bit up north from Agger, they found the ideal spot, with both a lefthand peeling wave, and a heavy (Agger) A frame beach dumper, both waves fitting inside the contest area. Top that with an offshore breeze and summer like temperatures, and the scene was set for a perfect day of competition.

The Open category was the first to hit the water, and from then on, it was full on competition, switching between the different categories as the day progressed. With good conditions comes good surfing, and it was a nothing less but thrilling to sit on top of the sand dunes, and witness the surfing that went down, and once again confirming, how good the waves and the level of surfing can actually get here on our home breaks.

As mentioned earlier, there were plenty of options for the competitors in the contest area, but there were also enough room for freesurfing close to the contest area, which only increased the level of entertaining. Normally you would see the contest surfers take a break between heats, but it seemed like it was just to tempting, to go out and catch more waves. This meant, that the freesurfing was almost just as fun to watch as the contest, since the surfers didn´t hold back one bit in the heavy conditions.

As the sun sat low on the horizon, the finals hit the water around 17.00, and another memorable contest day was about to come to an end.

At 20.30, the Prize ceremony was held in the lovely Garden Café in Klitmøller, where the Xcel Pro winners, and the Danish Surf League 2018 over all winners were crowned. Once again, congratulation to all the Winners. Results from The Xcel Pro, and the Danish Surf League 2018 overall results it attached to this post. The results can also be found on

The Danish Surf League would like to give a huge thank you to Xcel Europe/Denmark, for co. hosting this event, and for stepping it up with some really nice prices. Also a big thank you to Cold Hawaii Board Shop, Columbus Surfboards and The Garden Café Klitmøller. Also a big thank you to Lapoint Surfcamps, for providing a lucky competitor with a week´s stay at their Surfcamp in Ericeira-Portugal. And SurfEars for providing 4 competitors with their supreme ear protection. Dagrofa Thisted, and the kayak surfers for letting us borrow their equipment.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved and supported the Danish Surf League in 2018, from competitors to judges to sponsors. We couldn’t have scripted the first season of The Danish Surf League any better, scoring high class waves in 3 out of 4 possible events!

See you all in 2019, where we do it all over again 😉

Cheers, the Danish Surf League Crew/



The Xcel Pro:The overall results from The Danish Surf League 2018: