It’s DARK, it’s BLUE! – it’s the return of the DARKBLUE OPEN.

For the first contest of the year, the Danish Surf League is teaming up with the DarkBlue Boardshop. If you are old enough in the game of Danish Surfing, you would know that the DarkBlue Boardshop was the first real surf surfshop in Denmark, you would also know, that the DarkBlue Boardshop has been supporting and running surf competitions in Denmark for many years, influencing the surf scene that we know today. In making the Danish Surf League, it has always been on the agenda to bring back the DARKBLUE era, and therefore we are thrilled to kick off the season with the DARKBLUE OPEN.

A bit about the shop -The DarkBlue Boardshop has been located in Helsingør on Sealand for 25 years, run and owned by Henrik Villadsen… a pioneer in Danish surfing, who has been throwing spray on the Scandinavian coastlines for more than 35 years, and still is! Henrik is surfstoked for life, a really nice guy, and he has a huge surf knowhow, which means that you are always in good hands, when you come to visit the DarkBlue Boardshop. The shop holds a large stock of surfboards and accessories, and if your dream board isn’t there, 9 out of 10 times Henrik will get it for you, and always at a fair price. You will also be able to find top-notch skate and snowboarding gear in the shop.

Check out the website, and we also recommend you to follow the DARKBLUE BOARDSHOP on Facebook, where great offers is a common thread.

We look forward to see you all again at the DARKBLUE OPEN, the first contest of the 2019 Danish Surf League, set to run in Thy on the 30-31 of March (back up weekend 6-7 of April). Sign up sheet will be online were soon, together with the full program for the contest weekend.

See ya..

The Danish Surf League Crew and the DarkBlue Boardshop Crew.