Danish Surf League

The Danish Surf League is run by  Dansk Surf Klub (Danish Surf Association), assisted by various event sponsors.

The league consists of 4 competitions/events in 2019 (See  the 2019 event menu).  All nationalities can participate and win the individual competitions. After the final competition, overall winners of the League’s various categories are awarded, and so are the best placed Danes. It is the athlete’s 3 best results added up in points, that counts in the end.

Participants do not need to be a member of “Dansk Surf Klub” to enter the contestes, but off course Dansk Surf Klub hope to have you as a member, as well as your support. Sign Up sheets on how to become a member will be available here on site wery soon, and also at  Sign In on contest day.


  • OPEN (all ages and gender)
  • LADIES (all ages)
  • JUNIOR (under 18, all gender)
  • LONGBOARD (all ages and gender) – ATT: For 2018 – If only we have enough judges on hand at each individual event, we will run the Longboard category.

Each participant can only sign up for 2 categories, and they need to prioritise the categories in the Sign Up sheet. Example: 1-OPEN, 2-LONGBOARD. It is not given that a surfer will be able to compeed in both categories!, it all depends on how much time and waves we have on hand at each given contest day.


The participants in each category are divided into heats by 4 surfers. The 2 best in each heat progresses to the next  round, and so on until the final 4 surfers. Only in round one, the 3 and 4 place in each heat, will go to a repercharge round, where they will get a second chance to advance further in the contest. This also means, that all participants will get to surf at least two heats in each contest.  Each heat lasts between 15-20 minutes in the initial rounds, and the final heat will last 25-30 minutes.

The contests are judged by the International Surfing Association (ISA) rules, and the World Surf Leage points system.